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INVITATION FOR PARTICIPATION Summer School in Hanoi “Urbanism, Space and People in Hanoi”

Monday - 07/08/2023 20:25
The course enables learners to explore the historical, cultural and human characteristics of Hanoi as a dynamic, developed metropolis of Asia; in particular, providing students with the opportunity to learn, exchange and practice research on the basis of theoretical systems and interdisciplinary approaches in urban studies in the Global South. The course program is organized on the basis of cooperation between two specialized training institutions in social science and humanities research, namely the Faculty of History, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU and the Faculty of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Cologne, Germany.

The 21st century is also referred to as the “Asian urban century”. By 2030, more than half of Asia's population will live in cities. Already since the turn of the millennium, for the first time, more people worldwide live in cities than in rural areas, most of them in cities of the Global South. For this reason, urban research in general and urban anthropology in particular have received increased attention in social sciences and humanities in recent years. Especially urbanization processes in the Global South are increasingly the focus of interest.

The material and social infrastructures of these urban spaces reflect the economic and social changes initiated by the global neoliberal developments of the last decades. At the same time, cities in the Global South are shaped by the power relations of colonialism and post-colonialism. Against this backdrop, urban studies have increasingly called for a "Southern perspective on urban studies" (Patel 2014), as these power relations are also reflected in theorizing at the epistemological level. Theories in urban research continue to show a bias toward northern cities. It is necessary to address this imbalance through research in cities of the Global South together with scholars of the Global South.

Together with students from VNU-USSH in Hanoi and the Department for Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Cologne, we would like to explore Hanoi as an example of a dynamic, fast-growing Asian city and give participants the chance to critically engage with urban studies in the Global South in an interdisciplinary setting.

► Program

Academic program in Hanoi starts on Monday, 18.9.2023. 
From Monday through Friday of first week: workshops and lectures about urbanism in Hanoi take place in the mornings (9-12 a.m.), led by researchers from USSH and UoC. In the afternoons (2-5 p.m.) there will be excursions to places in the city to explore the content of the workshops and lectures in depth.
From Monday through Thursday of the second week: participants will have time to pursue their own research based on their research questions developed during the first week. Ideally participants from both universities will join together to explore their research questions. On Friday, 29.9.2023, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. we will meet for a closing workshop and exchange about our experiences.
You will receive a certificate of participation from the University of Cologne after participation in the complete program. If you are unable to participate in the complete program you will also receive a certificate of participation for taking part in single workshops including the respective study trip.

► Costs

With kind support by Cologne Summer Schools and the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, the program will cover costs for the academic program in Hanoi (lectures and workshops, transport during study trips).
Participants will have to cover their expenses for meals during the program.

► Application

The program is directed primarily at Master level students (5-6 students max)/and BA students (8-10 students) 
Please also submit a CV, a copy of English language certificate (if any), a letter of motivation in English (1.000 – 1.500 words) to xxx, including your Name, study subject and semester until xxx. 
In your letter of motivation, please address the following questions: 
•    Why would you like to participate? What do you wish to achieve during this course?
•    Are you planning to write your master thesis on the topic? If yes, what is your topic?
•    How do you integrate the summer school in your study plan? 
Application deadline: Due to 18/08/2023, the result will be confirmed after 20/08/2023
Application should send to email [email protected]  as subject: 

► Contact

For detail information, please contact:
History Faculty, USSH-VNU, Block B, No. 336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi.
Tel: 043 5589847;  Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]

Author: Quỳnh Vũ Hạnh, USSH Media

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