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Thursday - 30/06/2016 00:30

“Ranked No. 1 in Vietnam for its excellent academic/teaching and research standards in social sciences and humanities, USSH will help you strengthen your capacities in an open, dynamic, and liberal environment”.

  • Dozens of undergraduate, MA and PhD programs offered, including programs that reach internationally recognized standards with advanced methodologies to provide learners with the necessary skills to integrate and adapt themselves to work and social life;
  • Easy access to additional support and opportunities for students to collaborate in research projects with our scholars and researchers;
  • A welcoming learning environment, provided and supported by all our administrators, faculty and staff; A diverse, cohesive and inclusive community where students can easily connect with those who share their passion. This shapes the lives of students in many positive ways and creates a vibrant, safe, and healthy working environment on campus. USSH Student Association and Youth Union provide students with first-hand experience to academically succeed and to cultivate social relations among different groups of students on campus;
  • A dynamic student life with extensive extracurricular activities to offer, with dozens of clubs led by students with full support from faculties and administrative staff, providing students with opportunities to take part in interesting events, to practice their skills, to apply their knowledge and to broaden their networks;
  • Many scholarships and opportunities for excellent students to participate in exchange programs overseas;
  • Located in Hanoi – the political, socio-economic and cultural center of Vietnam, USSH offers its students a natural environment to absorb traditional Vietnamese culture and keep up with major political and socio-economic events and developments in the country;

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